Shrimp cocktail
Homemade ice cream cake

Shrimp cocktail

The prawn cocktail - as we know and love it - naturally served with delicious bread and butter.

kr. 98, -


Classic Wiener schnitzel with the well-known side dishes such as braised potatoes, peas, Wiener boy and butter sauce.

kr. 228, -

Homemade ice cream cake

We treat you to the hotel's delicious homemade ice cream cake - the dessert you don't want to miss...

kr. 88, -

The chef recommends

Every month our head chef successfully creates a new and exciting 3-course menu.

The menu for May:

  • Gravad salmon, dill dressing, rye bread crumble, asparagus and salad
  • Veal fillet with butter-roasted green asparagus, new potatoes and creamy cheese sauce
  • Cold apple soup with vanilla parfait and crunch

The menu for June:

  • White asparagus fried with butter, hand-peeled prawns and pickled fennel
  • Roasted duck breast with new onions, fried capercaillie, sage sauce and new potatoes
  • Peach melba (vanilla parfait, peaches and raspberry sauce)

Price: DKK 328 per person

Please reserve at:
Tel. 7592 1855 or email



strawberry dessert

5.-6. July menu

True to tradition, we serve our 5.-6. July menu for this year's city festival.


Main course:
Oven-roasted chicken with new potatoes, cloud sauce, homemade cucumber salad and grandma's salad.

Fresh strawberries with vanilla cream and meringue with white pepper.

Price (pounds. NOK 265 per person

Please note that the menu is only served on 5 and 6 July 2023.


Lunch offer - Omelette and beer

Monday - Friday from 12.00 - 14.00

Price per. person DKK 135

Egg cake with fried pork, tomatoes and chives. Served with bread, beetroot, mustard and a draft beer

Please make a reservation at
tel. 7592 1855 or email


Hygge og smørrebrød

Lørdag d. 24. juni 2023 fra kl. 12.00-16.00 inviterer Hotel Postgaarden jer til frokost med stor smørrebrødsbuffet. 

Selection on the buffet:

  • Roast beef with roasted onions and pickles
  • Sausage roll with cloud and onion
  • Fish fillet with remoulade and lemon
  • Hamburger back with Italian salad
  • Egg dish with mayo and prawns
  • Vegetarian with avocado and baked root vegetables

Served on hand-sliced ​​rye bread

Price (pounds. NOK 148 per person

Remember to book a table on tel. 7592 1855 or email

Minced beef day - every Sunday

Minced beef with soft onions, potatoes, strong sky sauce and beets.

Price per. person DKK 98

Please make a reservation at
tel. 7592 1855 or email

Refood certificate

At Danske Hoteller, we put a lot of effort into stopping food waste and recycling.

We are in favor of sustainability, and with Daka's ReFood brand we can therefore say that...

  • We sort and have a recycling scheme for food waste
  • We have small plates on the buffet 
  • We receive training in food waste
  • We offer doggy bags for guests