The story of Hotel Postgaarden

1866: The railway came to Fredericia, and the railway station in Oldenborggade was put into use in 1869. Together with the ferry port, it became the city's lifeblood.

1869: Fredericia Jernbanehotel was, until the old Lillebæltsbro and the new railway station were inaugurated in 1935, one of the country's most well-known and visited hotels, and the railway station was the country's absolute largest meeting point for travelers between the parts of the country.

1939: in 1939 the hotel was renamed Missionshotel and the new host. The hotel advertises with 30 well-appointed rooms/cozy family hotel, reasonable prices and no tips.

During the occupation, the buildings were taken over by the Germans and used by the Gestapo.

The mission hotel intact.

1950: The new Mission Hotel v. Ingeborg Schriver

After refurbishment and the installation of a new heating system, the new Mission Hotel opposite the old railway station once again became the place for large and small gatherings. The price of rooms was still the same as before, there was heating, hot and cold water and bathrooms in the corridors. 

1981: New Mission Hotel becomes Hotel Postgaarden. Hotel name secularized.

Ny Missionshotel in Oldenborggade 4 no longer exists. At least not the name. It was replaced with the more worldly Hotel Postgaarden.

I 1979 took over the owners of Hotel Landsoldaten Erik Skree and Gunnar Lund Ny Missionshotel and the latter told about the name change. "A number of foreigners, especially Swedes, have an antipathy towards mission hotels. They believe that liquor is not served and that the relationship in other areas is very missionary. With the name change, we hope that the pavement will be even better here in the summer months". The hotel currently has 44 rooms. 

1982: New extension to the hotel

Hotel Postgaarden in Oldenborggade, the former Railway Hotel and later Missionshotel, will have an extension to the west, increasing the number of rooms by 48. 

2021: Danske Hoteller AS/S buys Hotel Postgaarden, which thus becomes the 24th hotel in the hotel chain.

The railway hotel around the year 1900