The Old Guard

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The building at Prinsens Port, like the guard buildings at Kongens Port and Kastellet, was originally half-timbered. It was built in the foundation wall in 1735 and still stands, albeit in a changed and reduced shape.

Before the violence was broken through to Danmarks Gate, the building stretched all the way to where Danmarksgade now turns in front of the gate. It previously also contained the military arrest cells. From the outside, this was revealed by the opposite iron awnings, which were placed in front of the small windows. Light and air could enter from above, but obstructed all visibility. The non-commissioned officer who served as the military detainee also had a few premises there. He also took care of the execution of the various punishments.

During the construction of Danmarks Ports in 1924, the building had to be shortened. It was also rebuilt so that it also had a front and guard room facing Danmarksgade, and here a guard was established which was maintained, until the entire guard system was abolished in 1934. 

During the annual 6th of July, the old uniforms from the time of the Three Years' War at Prinsens Port, Danmarks Port and Landsoldaten are guarded. The building is still owned by the Ministry of Defense and today serves as meeting and function rooms for the officers' association. It is protected in class A.

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