Henner Friiser's House

Distance: 6.34 Km

Here you will find the city's oldest house from around the 1500th century. The house contains an exhibition about porpoises, porpoise hunting and the history of Middelfart. Take part in history and become part of the narrative.

Play guinea pig hunter for a day and try the interactive game, watch a film about the catch and learn more about the guinea pig.

The exhibition is based on the Renaissance house itself and its location in the old town. Here is a story about the time when the house was an inn and about which city it was you met if you as a traveler came here around the year 1800.

On the 1st floor are the good stories from Middelfart and the story of the porpoise hunt. The exhibition is especially aimed at children, who can examine life-sized guinea pigs, learn about the biology of guinea pigs through drawing or try their luck as guinea pig hunters in a new interactive game.

On the 2st floor is the chronological narrative of the town and the catchment's history from the 1500th century to the present day that is in focus. In the exhibition you can explore a model of the town of Middelfart in 1801 and see things from the history of Middelfart and the catchment, e.g. effects from the Hindsgavl manor in the 1700th century to everyday goods from the Pryds supermarket in the 1970s.

Take the children to the museum and solve the worksheet with Henner Friiser's 11 secrets. Here you go in search of the hidden small spaces in the exhibition and find answers to 11 secrets. 

At both Middelfart Museum, Psychiatric Collection and Henner Friiser's house, a single ticket is sold, which gives one entrance to all the exhibition venues. 

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Photographer: VisitMiddelfart Copyright: Middelfart Museum
Photographer: VisitMiddelfart Copyright: Middelfart Museum
Henner Friiser's House 2nd floor Photographer: VisitMiddelfart