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On the Gasværksgrunden there are sports activities for every taste!

Gasværksgrunden - Denmark's largest sports playground in the city centre

In the middle of Fredericia is the special area Gasværksgrunden, a large sports and activity area for children and adults of all ages - there is room for everyone here!

On the square, there is plenty of opportunity to develop physically and try your hand at all kinds of different sports. Gasværksgruden is Denmark's largest sports and activity site located in a city centre!

Sports and activities around the clock in the heart of Fredericia

Gasværkgrunden is a true mecca for street sports and street culture. Here it is possible to practice many different sports, hang out with friends or learn new sports. Here, widely different users across age groups meet about common interests in everyday life.

Therefore, remember to take each other into account so that everyone has a safe and good experience.

The blue multi-rink/skating rink

The blue multicourt is Gasværkgrunden's largest court and ideal for various types of ball games - games such as basketball, street handball, street hockey, qianball on the court.

In winter, the blue multi-rink is cooled and turned into an ice rink, so you can skate all winter long. Feel free to bring your own skates or rent skates in the Information House in the middle of the grounds. During the winter, special activities are also organized such as curling, ice hockey, skating workshops and the ice skating rink.

In warm weather, the rink may be temporarily closed. Keep an eye on Gasværkgrundens Facebook page

The green synthetic turf

On the green synthetic grass field, you can play football all year round and regardless of the weather! Bring your own football.

The red amphitheater

The red amphitheater is located directly in front of the Gasværkgrundens Informationshus and has seating all around. The stage is used, among other things, for street dance and qigong, but is also ideal for various kinds of performances and displays. 

Padel court

Now you can also play padel tennis in the center of Fredericia! On the Gasværksgrunden is an outdoor padel court, they have room for doubles padel. The pitch must be booked and the booking includes bat and balls.

Bat and balls as well as an access chip are handed out at the reception in Hotel Old Harbor against ID card.

Book the padel court and find more information regarding booking here!

Playground for the smallest, strength training for the biggest

On the Gasværksgrunden there are also activities for the little ones and for those who are not into ball games.

The youngest visitors to Gasværksgrunden can expose themselves on the associated playground, where there is also seating for the adults. 

Next to it are also strength training pavilions for older children and adults.

Lending of sports materials, activities and sales at the Gasværksgrunden

The gasworks site is not under supervision and there are no staff present as a starting point.

However, the Information Center is open during special periods such as during the summer holidays and at Christmas time and during planned activities. Here you can borrow various sports equipment and during the Christmas season you can also buy hot drinks and more.


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Photographer: VisitFredericia Copyright: Fredericia Municipality
Photographer: Fredericia Copyright: Fredericia Municipality
Photographer: Fredericia Copyright: Fredericia Municipality