Bust of General Bülow

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The victor in the Battle of Fredericia 6 July 1849, General Bülow, received his memorial on 6 July 1859 in the square between the old town hall Meldahls Rådhus and Sct. Michaelis Church.

The story behind the monument:
General Bülow was given command of all Danish armies on 13 April 1849. He withdrew the Danish main force into Fredericia fortress, and thus saved the army from the superior German force, which now divided, so that some (Schleswig-Holsteiners) enclosed Fredericia, and another part (the Prussians) continued up through Jutland after General Olaf Rye's strength. The outcome of the fortress on July 6 at night was Bülow's plan. For the outcome, he had gathered troops by sea. Olaf Rye's force from Helgenæs and General De Meza's force from Als. This maneuver and the outcome itself is described as a highlight in Danish martial arts.

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