The bunker museum in Fredericia

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Experience a real bunker and learn more about Fredericia during the Occupation.

Visit a real bunker and get close to history - absolutely free!

Have you ever visited a real bunker?

At the Bunker Museum in Fredericia, you get a unique opportunity to visit one of the many bunkers that were set up during Denmark's Occupation. The bunker museum is set up in an old bunker and filled with fantastic historical objects that tell about the time from 1940 to 1945.

Read much more about the Bunker Museum here!

A small museum that tells a big story

The Bunker Museum in Fredericia contains several exhibitions dealing with Fredericia during the Occupation. Among other things, you can experience a fine picture and sound exhibition with eyewitness accounts, which is part of the Museums in Fredericia joint exhibition entitled "Father, what is peace?"

Part of Fredericia Vold

The bunker museum in Fredericia is located in the middle of Fredericia's largest historical monument: Fredericia Vold. The bunker is actually dug into the Rampart, and it is therefore easy to combine a visit to the Bunker Museum with a tour of the Fredericia Rampart. 

Tip: A historic day in the fortress city

Fredericia hides an absolutely fantastic and unique history - which is just waiting to be experienced. For example, start the day with a walk Fredericia Vold and feel the whir of history. During the day you can visit both the Bunker Museum and Fredericia City Museum - both museums have free entry and provide an exciting insight into the fortress city by the Little Belt.

The bunker museum's opening hours

It is open on Wednesdays, at 13-16 and Saturdays, at 10-13 from 17/6 - 16/9 and on special dates - see below:

Sunday 9/4: at 13-16

Thursday 4/5: at 13-16

Friday 5/5: at 13-16

Saturday 14/10: at 10-13 (week 42)

Wednesday 18/10: at 13-16 (week 42)

Saturday 21/10: at 10-13 (week 42)

The bunker museum in Fredericia - a piece of Danish history

During Denmark's occupation from 1940 to 1945, around 5.800 shelters were built in Denmark, of which 70 were set up in Fredericia. The bunker museum is located in one of the 70 civilian shelters. The bunker is a double bunker with two domes, both of which are set up as a museum with objects and descriptions of life in the bunker and in Fredericia during the Occupation.

The special exhibition in the bunker has been created in collaboration between the Fredericia Military Historical Association and the Museums in Fredericia, and it is the Fredericia Military Historical Association that is responsible for displaying the bunker during the Bunker Museum's opening hours. 


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