Play and have fun in Madsby Playpark. With the Be Happy Pass

Distance: 1.43 Km

The park has a multitude of playgrounds and activities for all age groups - and small green oases where families can relax or have lunch outdoors.

Come and play freely in a huge green park
We have cool climbing courses, cozy playgrounds and lots of animals. You are welcome to visit our goats. Take a round trip with the Madsby train (see the offer) or take a trip on the lake.

If you have received a free Be Happy Pass
Show your Be Happy Pass to the driver. Then the children under 12 in the family get a free train ride with Madsbytoget.

About Madsby Playpark
The park is a huge green area. There is free access all year round. And in the summer season there are lots of events and fun activities. It is completely free to try the sand playground, the Tarzan track and the many outdoor activities. You can also visit several of our animals. We have, among other things, Swedish minipigs, rabbits, goats, guinea pigs and turtles.


© Madsby Playpark. Photo: Madsby Playpark

Play and lunch in the green
It is obvious to use the park as a respite. It is safe for the children to run around and explore the playgrounds and look past the animals. Many families spend the whole day in the park. Then they often have fun grilling for lunch or sit down in one of our packed lunch houses. There are plenty of places to sit sheltered from the sun and wind.


© Madsby Playpark. Photo: Madsby Playpark

Sun, summer and lots of activity
The activities that cost money are only open during the summer. If you love water, you can rent a boat and row around the lake or "go for a walk on the water" in the wild Waterballs. Also try our fun 18-hole mini golf course or speed off on a round trip with the Madsbytoget. The Historic Mini City is also worth a visit. It is fascinating to see Fredericia built in 1859 in a scale of 1:10. See the prices for the activities on the website. Also check our calendar. We have many events throughout the year.

Use your Be Happy Pass and get the world's best family holiday
Take the passport with you on a trip around the area. Then you will find the best experiences for children. Many of the attractions also have an extra offer. You can see all the attractions here.

Here you get a free Be Happy Pass
You get a free Be Happy Pass for you and the family when you stay the night with one of ours Preferred Partners.


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