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Kacho Konditori is a true paradise of exquisite flavors, beautiful cakes and delicious baked goods.

Cake and chocolate in a wonderful combination at Kacho Konditori

At Kacho Konditori, the cakes are both a feast for the eyes and a festive firework of taste experiences!

The exclusive patisserie is located in the heart of Fredericia and offers everything from petit fours to cakes to order and various other baked goods. The name Kacho is a contraction of "cake" and "chocolate", which are the cornerstones of Kacho Konditori. 

Focus on high quality and sustainability

At Kacho Konditori, quality is paramount and only the best ingredients are used here. The confectionery's chocolate is, for example, from the Swiss brand Felchlin, where Kacho is one of only five ambassadors in Denmark. That is why Kacho Konditori was also selected to deliver the dessert for the Queen's visit to Fredericia in 2023. 

In addition to setting high standards for quality, Kacho Konditori also considers the sustainable aspect of their production. The patisserie focuses on minimizing waste by not producing more than they can sell.

Frederician confectioner known from TV and the national confectioner's team

Behind Kacho Konditori stands Kristian Bruun Wendel, Frederician pastry chef and part of the Danish national pastry team. Kristian Bruun Wendel is known and recognized for his pastry work and good craftsmanship, and was also a participant in TV2's pastry program Sukkertoppen in 2018. One of the cakes that Kristian Bruun Wendel developed for the program can be found on the counter at Kacho Konditori.

Take it with you or enjoy the cake in the patisserie

At Kacho Konditori you can buy both cakes and pastries to-go, but you can also sit in the patisserie's cozy lounge area and enjoy your cake together with a cup of coffee.

Tasty cakes and juicy pastries in Fredericia

When Kacho Konditori opened in Fredericia, it was with a focus on the heavenly cakes. Gradually, however, several other types of baked goods have been added. The cakes behind the counter are also not always the same, but change at regular intervals, so you are guaranteed to find a cake you have not yet tasted when you visit Kacho Konditori.

Fantastic pastry craft: Patisserie, sourdough and morning bread

It is not unusual for a long queue to gather in front of Kacho Konditori just before opening hours. The patisserie has been successful with their home-baked sourdough buns, juicy sourdough bread, delicious crispy croissants and pain au chocolat - the last two made with real, Danish butter!

Kacho Konditori: Opening hours and information

Kacho Konditori is basically open Monday to Friday from 10-17:30 and Saturday from 8-15.

However, there may be changes in opening hours due to demand and training with the national pastry team.

You can always check Kacho Konditoris facebook page, where changes in opening hours closing days will be announced! At Kacho Konditoris facebook page og instagram profile you can also find information about new cakes, pastries or other relevant information about the store.


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Photographer: Kacho Konditori
Photographer: Kacho Konditori
Photographer: Kacho Konditori