Fredericia as an industrial city

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On this guided tour you will delve into Fredericia's exciting history as an industrial city.

From bulletproof fortress to thriving industry

You probably know the story of Fredericia as a war fortress, but did you know that Fredericia is much more than just gunpowder and bullets?

Take a guided tour with a focus on Fredericia's history as an industrial city, and discover an important chapter of Fredericia's history. Hear much more about how a number of local creative entrepreneurs combined with a location as a traffic hub made Fredericia one of the province's most important industrial cities.

From 1800 onwards, industry flourished in Fredericia, and companies sprung up on every street corner in the old fortress town and helped shape Fredericia into the innovative and lively city it is today.

Guided tour about Fredericia's history as an industrial city

The guided tour is led by a knowledgeable guide who will show you the many clues to the city's major industries. How did they come to the city, what significance did they acquire and what role do they play today in 21st century Fredericia?

Along the way, you will pass several of the buildings that formerly housed Fredericia's enterprising companies and become acquainted with many of the industry's fates and key figures. Did you know, for example, that Thorvald Stauning has been employed at Fredericia's oldest factory? 

Join us on an exciting tour and hear another story about Fredericia - the story of industrialization and activities that created progress, a labor movement and a rapidly growing population throughout the 20th century and up to today - a development that is particularly evident in Fredericia.

Practical information

Meeting point: The participants on the guided tour about Fredericia as an industrial city meet at Gammelhavn, from where the tour starts. The tour ends in Vester Voldgade. 

Please note that the meeting place may vary from tour to tour, depending on the focus of the guided tour. Orient yourself on your ticket, where the meeting place of your guided tour is always listed.

Parking: Find more information about parking in Fredericia here!

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