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Experience the impressive work HYDRA by the world-renowned Danish visual artist Kirstine Roepstorff in Kanalbyen.

HYDRA: Car park, eye-catcher and meeting place

HYDRA is a large, functional work of art in the middle of Fredericia's new district The canal city. HYDRA is both an art installation and a functioning car park for the district's residents and visitors. The artwork was created by the world-renowned artist Kirstine Roepsdorff and was completed in December 2020. The intention of the artwork was to transform the traditional parking garage into something more soft and sensual. 

The work's name HYDRA is inspired by the canal city's water and the courage to dream.

Nature and colors as a counterpoint to the gray concrete

The special atmosphere in HYDRA is created by several different built-in elements. On the roof of HYDRA there is a large green tank that collects rainwater. The water is then led down through the building via pipes, which cause the trickle of the water to be heard throughout the building. The movement of the water is combined with growing green vegetation, which will eventually green the entire facade. 

On HYDRA's end wall hangs a large eye in a glass mosaic of different colours, shapes and shadows, which provides a sensory play both inside and outside the building.

Free art walk in the Canal City

HYDRA is one of several beautiful works of art in Fredericia's new district Kanalbyen. On Kanalbyen's very own art walk, you will pass by the various works and at the same time learn much more about the expression and function of the works.

Read more about the art walk and download material for the trip here!

One of Denmark's most important public works of art

HYDRA has been named one of the 50 most important public works of art in Denmark by The Danish Club's art committee. Read more about the project here!


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The artwork HYDRA Photographer: DT - artist Kirstine Roepstorff Copyright: DT