The story of Trelde Næs

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Did you know that Trelde Næs has an eventful history that goes back to the Middle Ages?

In search of history in the middle of nature

You may know the beautiful nature area Trelde Næs with its fantastic nature and unique animal and plant life.

But did you know that the area hides an eventful and distinctive history that involves both herring fishing, the Swedish Wars, a summer holiday colony and a special woman who lived on the headland all to herself? 

All this, and much more, you will hear much more about on this guided tour about the history of Trelde Næs!

Guided tour on Trelde Næs, which combines history and beautiful surroundings.

The history of Trelde Næs is a guided tour where you get the opportunity to experience the distinctive history of the headland together with one of our knowledgeable guides, who knows a whole lot about Trelde Næs. The large natural area, which is included in Denmark's Nature Canon, has been the center of incredible events and warlike confrontations since the Middle Ages.

On the guided tour you follow the traces from the past and discover how the many experiences have left their mark on the area.

Trelde Næs has been owned by both local nobles, the Danish king, an enterprising businessman and a characteristic restaurateur, and during the Second World War the Germans were also over. There are also still many traces of the two fascinating owners Harald Plum and the legendary Ane Ryholt, who had a great influence on Trelde Næs' development.

Along the way you can enjoy the area's magnificent nature at the same time!

Practical information

Meeting point: Participants on the guided tour meet at Trelde Næs' car park.

Please note that the meeting place may vary from tour to tour, depending on the focus of the guided tour. Orient yourself on your ticket, where the meeting place of your guided tour is always listed.

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Guided tour around Trelde Næs Photographer: Destination Triangle Area – VisitFredericia Copyright: Peter Leth-Larsen