The Jewish congregation in Fredericia

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Come up close to the significance of the Jewish congregation for Fredericia on this guided tour.

Fredericia and Fredericia's Jews - a significant relationship

Did you know that there has been a Jewish congregation in Fredericia?

In 1600th-century Denmark, only the Lutheran faith was allowed. It was therefore not allowed to be Jewish in Denmark - and several other places in Europe. The special royal privileges in Fredericia, which entailed religious freedom, paved the way for a Jewish congregation in the city in 1674. Here they could practice their religion and build a synagogue.

The result was that Fredericia gained great importance for the Jews. At one time, Fredericia was the city in the country where the most Jews lived. When in 1814 it became possible for the Jews to settle throughout Denmark, many sought other cities - especially Copenhagen.

Guided tour focusing on the Jewish congregation in Fredericia

We see the site of the former synagogue and visit the Jewish Cemetery. Here we take a closer look at some of the tombstones and the stories and anecdotes that hide behind some of the names. The cemetery is also the largest in Denmark outside of Copenhagen.

We also look inside the small chapel in the corner of the burial ground and hear about Jewish lifestyle and customs.

Practical information

Meeting point: Participants on the guided tour meet at Fredericia Library.

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