Railway ferry service - Strib

Distance: 2.71 Km

From 1866 to 1935, Strib was an important link in the railway connection between Copenhagen and Hamburg (Altona).

There were ferries between Strib and Fredericia, from 1872 railway ferries that could carry goods wagons and passengers but not cars. Railway operations developed during this period, and the Strib railway station and ferry port grew, and the Strib became an important traffic hub. Especially in the 1930s, the volume of goods and the number of passengers had reached great heights.
In the year 1935, a passenger number of around one million would have been reached, which would have passed the Strib during that year. It was not achieved, because in 1935 the old Lillebæltsbro was inaugurated, and the railway connection between Strib and Fredericia was no longer needed. There is not much left from that time, but the Vejlby-Strib Local History Archive has located some qr codes with links for videos that talk about this topic.

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