The Old Little Belt Bridge

Distance: 5.13 Km

The Old Lillebæltsbro is located in the middle of beautiful nature and is surrounded by exciting experiences.

The Old Little Belt Bridge: From Jutland to Funen over the Little Belt

The Old Little Belt Bridge is located in the heart of Denmark just a stone's throw away Fredericia. The bridge, which is often described as an architectural gem, was completed in 1935 and was the first permanent connection between Jutland and Funen. Today, the Lillebæltsbroen is a regular part of life around the Lillebælt and every day both trains, cars, cyclists and pedestrians cross the bridge with the beautiful view.

By bike or on a hike with a view of the Little Belt

Den Gamle Lillebæltbro differs in several respects. As something very special, you can both cycle and walk across the Lillebælt's oldest bridge.

Lots of experiences along the Little Belt

From Den Gamle Lillebæltsbro there is an absolutely fantastic view over the Lillebælt and the long stretches of coast along both Middelfart and Fredericia. From here you can see, among other things, Snoghøj High School, which lies down to the water on the Fredericia side. You can recognize the college by its beautiful red buildings with a spire on top. 

Try, for example, a walk through Snoghøjgaardparken in Fredericia and combine with a trip over the bridge to Funen and back again. Then you can also see Snoghøj from the coast! If you want an extra one on the experience, you also have the option of going on top of the bridge on one Bridge Walking-tour, a completely unique experience for young and old.

In the middle of the Lillebælt Nature Park

The Old Little Belt Bridge is right in the middle Nature Park Lillebælt, Denmark's largest nature park. From the Lillebæltsbroen, you can therefore experience a great deal of the nature that characterizes the Lillebælt Nature Park and the nature experiences that the area offers.

Spot porpoises from the Little Belt Bridge and go on a whale watching on the Little Belt

You can e.g. experience the porpoise, the small whale that lives in the Little Belt, when you cross the bridge. The Little Belt Nature Park has one of the world's densest populations of porpoises, so the small whales can often be spotted in the water under and around the Little Belt Bridge. If you want to get even closer, you can also book a whale watching with one of the boats that sail trips on the Little Belt.

You can read more about the exciting tours and find links for booking here!

Walk the Lillebælt Bridge with Bridgewalking Lillebælt

As I said, the Old Little Belt Bridge also has a very special attraction that you can only experience in very few places in the world. At Den Gamle Lillebæltsbro you can go on a bridge walk, so-called bridgewalking Bridgewalking Little Belt.

Here you get the completely unique opportunity to walk on the Lillebæltsbroen - something that can only be experienced in three other places in the world! It is a very special experience to walk over the Lillebælt at a height of 60 meters in the upper part of the bridge's construction while enjoying the magnificent view.

Read much more about the bridgewalking experience and find the link for booking here!

The story of the Old Little Belt Bridge

The Old Little Belt Bridge was built in the years 1925-1935 and was initially simply called the Little Belt Bridge. The construction itself was a significant engineering feat in the interwar period, and with the simultaneous introduction of new express trains, the transport time between Jutland and the capital fell considerably.

When you go Bridgewalking you get very close to the construction and the high architectural standard only becomes more apparent when you get up close.

The Little Belt Bridge becomes Den Gamle Little Belt Bridge

Already in the 1950s, however, developments in motoring meant that a new connection over the belt was needed, and the New Little Belt Bridge was completed in 1970. This gave the Old Little Belt Bridge its name, as there were now two bridges over the Little Belt.

Part of the story of Lillebælt and Fredericia

For many, Den Gamle Lillebæltsbro is synonymous with the Little Belt and life around the belt, and many locals from Fredericia and the surrounding area have stories about family members who contributed to the construction of Den Gamle Lillebæltsbro.


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