Strandstien - 4 km route

Distance: 0.30 Km

Experience Fredericia's beautiful coastline from the 4 km long Strandstien route.

Along the beach from the center to the north of the city

Experience Fredericia's beautiful nature along the coast via the Strandstien, a 4 km long route. The beach path leaves Old Port along Fredericia Vold og Eastern beach to Hyby Beach, the northern part of Østerstrand. The entire route has asphalt or hard-trodden gravel, and requires no special prerequisites, and the path is marked along the way.

4 km with plenty of experiences

On the 4 km long path, you have the opportunity to experience the Lillebælt's beautiful coast, parts of Fredericia's history and beautiful nature. The beach path takes you by castellet og The gunpowder tower as well as Fredericia's new Health Center. On the long stretch along Østerstrand, you will pass Fredericia's landscaped area city ​​beach with The mermaid flutes and the circular bridge. Here you can take a break on the promenade or buy refreshments Urbania Beach Bar.

The path then goes north towards the northern part of Østerstrand, also called Hyby Strand. Here you can enjoy a more wild coastal nature with salt marshes and swamp areas. 

The beach path ends at the northern part of Hyby Strand, where the path borders the large natural and military area Fælleden. It is permitted to move freely on Fælleden, but be aware of markings and barriers in connection with military exercises.

Enjoy Lillebælt

On the entire trip on the Strandstien, you walk along the Lillebælt coastline. The entire coastal area is part of Nature Park Lillebælt, Denmark's largest nature park. Along the way, you may be lucky enough to spot a porpoise, the small whale that lives in the belt. Lillebælt has one of the world's largest populations of porpoises, so keep an eye on the water surface!

Both Østerstrand and Hyby Strand are Blue Flag bathing beaches, so you can easily combine your trip on the Strandstien with a bathing trip in the Little Belt.


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Runners run along Østerstrand and Hyby beach on the Strandstien route. It's spring. she runs with her back to the camera. Photographer: @madsostergaard / MoeMent Photo Copyright: @madsostergaard / MoeMent Photo
Photographer: VisitFredericia
Photographer: VisitFredericia