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Organize fantastic events and participate in activities in nature with Get Outdoor, experts in Outdoor life.

Nature experiences and outdoor life in the Lillebælt Nature Park

At Get Outdoor you get fantastic nature experiences and outdoor life tailored to your needs. Get Outdoor plans and holds activities and events in nature both on land and at sea in the area around Fredericia og Nature Park Lillebælt and on trips further afield.

If you are looking for a place to hold your next team building course, bachelor party or outdoor party, or if you are looking for activities in nature, the local company Get Outdoor can create the perfect setting for you. Get Outdoor has both equipment for a sea of ​​different activities such as climbing, kayaking and mountain biking and its very own Outdoor Camp in scenic surroundings.

At Get Outdoor you always have fun - and maybe you will also be challenged a little along the way!

The driving force behind Get Outdoor is to pass on the passion for nature and outdoor life and to create experiences, development and perhaps even push the limits of the individual and together in a safe environment. At Get Outdoor you meet outdoor experts and outdoor guides who are ready to guide and help you through the many activities on offer. The setup is professional, and the guides, activities and equipment are safety approved for the purpose.

Read much more about Get Outdoors' DNA and vision here!

Outdoor activities: Book experiences and courses with Get Outdoor

Get Outdoor offers a multitude of tours and courses with an outdoor theme.

Get Outdoor offers both day trips and overnight trips, always in scenic surroundings, so you can experience the nature around you and have the opportunity to challenge yourself. For example, try stand-up paddle (SUP) or book a hiking, canoeing or climbing trip, or one of the other experiences that Get Outdoor offers. You can sign up for the tours alone, or with friends or family, or give a gift card for an experience. 

At Get Outdoor, you also have the opportunity to book a wide range of courses that give you a more thorough introduction and training to the outdoor discipline in question. For example, learn the various techniques for tree climbing, become familiar with mountain biking or take a kayaking course. On the courses, you are taught by knowledgeable tutors, and if you do not have your own equipment, it is possible to purchase additional equipment packages.
Get Outdoors' kayak courses and SUP courses give access to certification with the Danish Canoe and Kayak Association.

On the Get Outdoors website, you can see the many different tours and courses, and book your next activity.

You will find practical information, access requirements and other information under the activity in question.

Gift card: Delight others with an outdoor experience. Gift cards can be purchased for all Get Outdoors activities.

Outdoor Camp - Fredericia's new outdoor area

Only a stone's throw from the center of Fredericia is Get Outdoors' new Outdoor Camp. The Outdoor Camp is Get Outdoors' very own outdoor area with facilities for holding parties and parties, team building and conferences, activity days or other types of outdoor events.

The Outdoor Camp is located in a disused Christmas tree plantation and is divided into 4 main areas: the oasis, the area/bar under the tipi, the party tent and the Camp's indoor room.

In the sheltered area Oasen, which is located by the remains of an old apple plantation, there is a glamping shelter with mattresses, electricity and water, a campfire kitchen and a wilderness bath. Oasen's shelter has room for 10-14 sleeping guests. 

Book Get Outdoors' glamping shelters here!

The area under the teepee can function both as a place to stay, a bar and as a sleeping area with room for 15 sleeping guests. The tipi can be booked alone or as a supplement to Outdoor Camp's party tent, which can accommodate up to 100 people. Get Outdoor offers various options for setting up tables, chairs, pallet furniture, etc., depending on the needs of the event.

Click here and read much more about Get Outdoors' new Outdoor Camp and the Camp's different areas.

School, private and company events at Get Outdoor

At Get Outdoor, you can hold your next event school event or stay, your neighbor private party or your neighbor company event
All events can be adapted and tailored according to need and purpose, either at Get Outdoors' own Outdoor Camp, at the locations where Get Outdoor organizes activities or at a location of your choice.

See more about the possibilities for your next event here!

Rent a kayak or mountain bike and experience nature at Fredericia and Lillebælt

If you want to go on a kayak or mountain bike trip on your own, you can rent kayaks and mountain bikes at Get Outdoor.
Read more about respectively kayak rental og mountain bike rental and see suggestions for routes via the link.


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