The mermaid whistles at Østerstrand

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The bathing facility Havfreufløiterne on Østerstrand offers the possibility of a safe bathing experience.

A safe bathing experience

On Eastern beach you will find the bathing facility Havfreufløjterne, the world's first bathing facility for the visually impaired. The facility was created in collaboration between Fredericia Municipality and the Danish Society for the Blind and was originally intended for the visually impaired and the blind.
However, the facility can be used by anyone who wants particularly safe bath frames.

The design of the facility

The mermaid flutes consist of a series of long steel poles that form a snail pattern above and below the water. A rope is mounted between each steel pole, which guides the bather safely and securely around the water and back to the beach again.
The mermaid whistles are an orientation tool in the water and provide the opportunity to bathe and experience the sea on an equal footing with other bathers.

Information for bathers

Please note that the facility is not designed for bathing on your own. The visually impaired and other users must be guided while bathing. The mermaid whistles are not suitable for wheelchair users, but there is a great opportunity for wheelchair access to other beach facilities Find more information here !
Remember that the responsibility is always yours, - even when there are lifeguards on the beach! Read the Trygfonden's guide to a safe swimming trip here !

Location reduces noise

The bathing facility is located a short distance from the circle bridge at the southern end of Østerstrand, where there is a built-in living area. The slightly remote location on the beach is according to the Danish Society for the Blind's own wishes and must help to avoid the noise from the other bathers. This means that the users of the Mermaid's Whistles can find their way around and gain an increased familiarity with the sea without too many sounds and disturbances.

A work of art with function

The mermaid flutes were created with inspiration from the art direction "land art", where the art is created by and stands as an integral part of its natural surroundings. In addition to being a bathing facility, the Mermaid's Whistles are therefore also a beautiful art installation that stands in the water all year round as an integral part of the beach. Visit Østerstrand and Havfreufløjterne and experience how the look of the facility changes depending on the season and is affected by wind and weather.
Because the mermaid flutes' steel poles are equipped with LED lights at the top, the facility can also be experienced in the dark, and here the snail shape is clearly visible.

The mermaid flutes get their name

The swimming facility was originally called the bathing snail, named after the snail pattern of the facility, but was given a more imaginative name after a group of kindergarten children visited the facility and noted that the poles resembled mermaid flutes. The people behind the project thought it was so wonderful that they changed the name to The Mermaid's Flutes.

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