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Take a guided tour of historic Fredericia and get up close and personal with Danish history.

Fredericia's history is also a piece of Danish history 

Experience Fredericia's fantastic history and discover the city's decisive role in the story of Denmark! Take a guided tour of Fredericia Vold and hear the story of how Denmark was transformed from a European superpower to a small state.

Since Fredericia's founding as a fortress town in 1650, the fortress Fredericia Vold has played a decisive role in several of Denmark's wars. Let yourself be guided around the beautiful fortifications, which include has formed the framework for one of Denmark's biggest defeats, but also played a central role in one of the proudest victories in world history and feel the rush of history.

Discover historic Fredericia with a guide

The historical one city ​​walk led by an expert guide who will take you into Fredericia's exciting story.

Your guide will tell you about Fredericia as a fortress city, its foundation and history, and along the way you will hear about the heroic General Rye, General Bülow and the other famous generals who were at the forefront of the battle for Fredericia and Denmark. 
On the trip, you will of course also stop at The Soldiers' Square where you can meet The Brave Country Soldier, Fredericia's landmark.

Fredericia's completely unique history also contains Fredericia's very special status as a religious sanctuary. Your guide will tell you much more about how Fredericia became Denmark's only religious sanctuary, and about the rights Fredericia gave to many persecuted religious communities.

On Fredericia Vold and in the streets of the fortress, you find yourself right in the middle of history.

Practical information

Meeting point: Participants meet as a starting point in the front hall of Fredericia Library, Prinsessegade 27, 7000 Fredericia.

Please note that the meeting place may vary from tour to tour, depending on the focus of the guided tour. Orient yourself on your ticket, where the meeting place of your guided tour is always listed.

Parking: Find information about parking in Fredericia here!

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