Whale safari from Fredericia with AVENTURA

Distance: 0.21 Km

Go whale watching on the Little Belt and discover the porpoise, the little whale of the belt.

Whale watching: Experience Lillebælt's wildlife up close 

From Gammelhavn in Fredericia you can go whale watching with the tour boat AVENTURA, an old eel vase. On the trip that goes through Little belt under both the new and the old Little Belt Bridge, you will learn much more about the porpoise, one of the world's smallest whales, which lives in the Little Belt. Lillebælt has one of the world's densest populations of porpoises, so you will definitely spot several porpoises on your trip. 

Sailing trip from Fredericia with experiences for children and adults 

On board AVENTURA there are experiences for both young and old. The skipper is happy to invite you into the wheelhouse, where the little ones are allowed to steer the 87-tonne ship. If the weather and sea conditions are suitable, AVENTURA has whale listening devices on board, so you can listen with your own ears underwater and hear the click sounds of the porpoises, with which they communicate. 

The porpoise, Little Belt's superstar 

Although the Lillebælt is home to many exciting animal and plant species, the porpoise is nevertheless something very special. 

The porpoise and Lillebælt have a completely unique shared history that stretches far back in time. Because the porpoise has always lived and bred in the Little Belt, the small whale has been a permanent part of the belt's maritime life. From the Middle Ages until the beginning of the 1900th century and during both world wars, porpoise hunting has been carried out in the Little Belt. The porpoise's blubber in particular, which could be boiled into cod liver oil and then used for lighting, was sought after by the residents along the coasts of the Little Belt. 

Access to an exhibition about the porpoise, Lillebælt's little whale

In addition to the trip on the boat, your whale watching ticket also gives you access to the special guinea pig exhibition in Henner Friisers Hus in Middelfart, part of the Middelfart Museum. Here you can learn more about earlier porpoise hunting in the Little Belt, about the porpoise's biology and try the job as a porpoise hunter in the exhibition's interactive game. The exhibition is particularly aimed at children and is perfect if you want to round off your whale watching with a little extra knowledge. 

Learn about Lillebælt with Nature Park Lillebælt 

Naturpark Lillebælt is Denmark's largest nature park with a focus on creating experiences as well as securing and improving the Lillebælt's flora and fauna. 

Read much more about Nature Park Lillebælt here! 

Experiences in Fredericia 

Fredericia holds a wealth of experiences. Experience Fredericia's pleasant pedestrian streets, good shopping opportunities and delicious restaurants, or get really close to the story on Fredericia Vold, one of Europe's oldest and best preserved fortifications. 


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