Fishing place - The Esplanade

Distance: 0.44 Km

Classic harbor place for fishing for seasonal fish, cod and flatfish. Very deep water and strong current.
Exciting water to fish in. Perhaps the Little Belt's best coastal place for mackerel. Safe space for herring in season.
Watch out for fishing ban signs and vessels and avoid fishing too close to them.
Cod and flatfish on bottom tackle. Here can be good cod.

At the Port of Fredericia you can enjoy the view over Funen and the new Little Belt Bridge while fishing. 

Parking: At the port.
GPS: 55.55848, 9.75794

Fishing trip with Det Grønne Fredericia

Det Grønne Fredericia regularly organizes fishing trips with a focus on fishing from the quay with knowledgeable guides.

See an overview of Det Grønne Fredericia's events and book a ticket here!

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two men are fishing from the edge of the harbor in fredericia Photographer: Destination Triangle Area – VisitFredericia
Photographer: VisitFredericia Copyright: Fredericia Municipality
Photographer: VisitFredericia Copyright: Fredericia Municipality